State the rules of what and how to play the carrom board

State the rules of what and how to play the carrom board

From cricket to the field of play and from home to outside, one or the other rule is definitely applicable. What are the rules that we have to face to play this carrom board? A game similar to the Carrom Board but using wood is played on a plywood board called dumplings called Carrom. Today we will learn about this.

State the rules of what to play and how to play Carrom Board

Players use the striker to advance their Carrom to the corners of the board to sink their opponents. You will need 2 to 4 players Plywood Board Coin 9 White Carrots 9 Black Carrom Striker and 1 Red Queen Carrom.

  1. Arrange Carrom in a hexagon in the center of the board with the Red Queen in the center.
  2. Flip a coin to determine which player goes first. The winner plays the white Carrom.
  3. Seat yourself on one side of the board. You will only be allowed to initiate a Carrom strike from that side of the board.
  4. Rotate the striker from your baseline with your fingers as you try to sink your carrom. As long as you continue the Carrom Board, your turn continues.
  5. When you sink one of your Carrom, try to sink the Red Queen. If you sink the Red Queen, you must sink one of your Carroms on the next shot. Otherwise, the queen is returned to the center of the board.
  6. Continue the game until one player has submerged all of his Carrom Board and the Red Queen has drowned. That player is the winner of the game. Do you know that the first international Carrom Board match was held in the 1960s?

Important Rules of Carrom Board

The Carrom Board rules and rules teach three. The baseline is two straight lines of 47 centimeters, each of which has an acceptable variation. Poetry centimeters are evenly distributed on all sides. The color of which is black on each of the four sides of the playing surface, the parallel sides of the frame, the bottom of these two lines, which will be between the point five centimeters and the point six five centimeters in thickness, 10.15 centimeters away.

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The frame and the other one point three to eight centimeters away from the lower part of the waist. The baseline will pass through a circle of 3.18 cm in diameter on both ends. Within this circle, a portion of 2.54 cm in diameter will be colored in red. These circles are colored in the base. The circles will be called, which will be drawn as follows.

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The conclusion post

The sides when imaginary extended to touch both the baseline and the adjacent upper baseline. In this way, you can enjoy the Karram Board with your friends and family sitting at your home. You can get the Carrom Kit online at your home. Thank you for reading this post-Carrom Board.

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