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Price: (as of – Details) ORGANIC FLAX SEEDS: A rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, protein, and essential nutrients, organic flax seed extracts are vital nourishment for your hair.BOOSTS HAIR GROWTH: This advanced combination infuses your hair with plant-based extracts that boost hair growth and strengthen your strands naturally. ALL-NATURAL: Our hair strengthening formulations … Read more

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Hi, Mulethi powder is 100% natural and herbal. 100% chemical-free powder with no additives, synthetics, and other harsh metals. Mulethi Edible Powder: Consumption of multi boosts immunity and helps in improving cough and cold. Licorice powder for skin whitening: Helps in lightening sun tan and reduces blemishes and marks. Mulethi powder for hair helps to … Read more

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