What are Basketball Rules? Explain the 3 on 3 rules

3 on 3 basketball rules The goal of the game is for your team to score higher than the opposing team. 3 on 3 is a type of basketball game but is played only half the court. Before you keep looking, it can be helpful to familiarize yourself with general basketball.

If you are not sure, please check my rules for basketball post on my website, the link is below. There are two main organizations responsible for the management of the game, with FIBA ​​playing a role internationally. It is quite easy to confuse the two organizations according to different rules,

What are Basketball Rules? Explain the 3 on 3 rules

What are Basketball Rules?

I will do my best to explain these differences in this post. In these two organizations, the team consists of 4 players and there are 3 players on the field. In the Big Three at any given time, the home team starts with the ball in FIBA ​​games, a coin toss that decides who gets with the ball. begins.

Once someone has the ball, they have a limited amount of time to shoot the ball facing the hoop. This is called the shooting clock and is the number of seconds in 12 FIBA ​​games and 14 seconds in a game. The larger 3. These are the half of the basket-basket ball at 10 feet above the ground on the court, which differs slightly between the two leagues. The difference is.

To move the ball on the court, you can either pass the ball to your teammates… or dribble, where you play pinball in repeated motions. To score, the player must shoot into the opponent’s basket.

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to shoot first

The field goal scored within 1 point of the arc in FIBA ​​and the Big 3 scored 2. 2 points outside the arc and 3 points in FIBA, shooting the Big 3 In the Big 3, you will see 4 circles on these courses. If a player sets foot in the circle and shoots the ball successfully, it is worth 4 points.

Failure to shoot the shot before the clock runs out results in the ball being awarded to the other teams. The opposing team will try to get the ball. Whether it’s blocking shots or rebellion, it’ll let you miss a shot,

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Or steal the ball from an opponent so they can score themselves. The game takes only 10 minutes in FIBA ​​competitions. Whoever scores 21 points first, or the highest score after 10 minutes, wins. If scored, it will be played and tied after 10 minutes of overtime.

Game ruls

any player illegal act

There is no game time limit in Big 3. Conversely, once a team reaches 25 points, it is halved. The winner is the team that has scored 50 points and is at least two points ahead of the other team. The first team scored two points with a 50-point advantage and won.

It basically is, but there are more things you should know before you play or get into the game. For example Free throws. When a player commits an illegal act or makes a free throw, a free throw may be punished.

A FIBA-free-throw gets 1 point in the arc. In the Big Three, the free throw scored 2 points on the arc, 3 and 4 points outside the 4 o’clock circle. infringement and dishonesty. Standard basketball violations apply to the two games, but the foul structure is very different.

If you have fouled many times in these two leagues. Liquidation: Because this game is played only half the court, both teams shot into the same team’s basket—the defending team that won the ball must move the ball out of the arc of the goal to be eligible to score.

difference of rules between the two

This is called “liquidation” and here is the difference of rules between the two. Substitution: In both games, you can change any game Ball out of control or Call time out other difference. There are some other differences, but this is the main thing you need to know – to restart the FIBA ​​game, you have to check the ball more’.

This is a defensive player exchange with the nearest ball. Time starts from your opponent when you get the ball. That’s not the rule in the Big Three. I know it’s important, especially the difference between the two leagues,

But once you’ve watched or played a few games, the rules will become clear. If you found this post helpful, then do share it. It takes me a lot of time to make these posts “basketball rules kya hai 3 on 3 ke niyam”. Thank you for your work. But in the meantime enjoy 3 on 3 basketball.

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